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  • Mavic Pro Tripod Mode Test

  • So, yesterday we have posted the time lapse video test created with the Mavic Pro. The footage was originally shot for about 10 minutes. We speed it up to 10 seconds and remove any camera shake using the Adobe Premiere.  This time we will show you 2 minutes of the original footage shot with the Mavic Pro with Tripod mode activated. You will notice that the drone was flying amazingly steady [...]
  • DJI Mavic Pro Test: Time Lapse in Tripod Mode

  • So, we've been having our hands on the DJI Mavic Pro for about 4 days now and we still haven't got anything bad to say about it. This morning we had the chance to test the tripod mode from the drone to shoot some time lapse sequence of a busy intersection just near our studio in East Jakarta, Indonesia. We flew the drone at around 7am when the wind shall be reported as calm. What we did was let t[...]
  • LG G4 sample photos in Harsh Light Condition

  • Took the LG G4 to Sunda Kelapa historical port couple of days ago and took some photos in harsh light condition. These are some photos shot with the camera with no editing. Very happy with the photos shot with this phone. This is a great smartphone for everyday photography. I would prefer to carry this smartphone for a trip over any point and shoot cam[...]