DJI Mavic Pro Test: Time Lapse in Tripod Mode

So, we’ve been having our hands on the DJI Mavic Pro for about 4 days now and we still haven’t got anything bad to say about it. This morning we had the chance to test the tripod mode from the drone to shoot some time lapse sequence of a busy intersection just near our studio in East Jakarta, Indonesia. We flew the drone at around 7am when the wind shall be reported as calm.

What we did was let the drone fly above the intersection with the activate tripod mode feature for about 10 minutes, speed up the movie and Adobe Premiere to get a 10 seconds time lapse movie.

I must admit the tripod mode in the Mavic Pro is spectacular because you almost can not see  any camera movement when playing the video in normal mode. It’s when you speed everything up then you’ll see the camera shake which can be fixed easily in your video editing software such as Adobe Premiere as you can see from the edited video above.

The sample of video straight from the drone for the first 2 minutes where you can hardly see the camera shaking is coming soon….

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