3 Free Android and iOS Games You Should Install on Your Phone – April 2016

We all know that there are many amazing free games available on both Android and iOS. But, which one should you install on your phone?

Here are our recommendations for this month…

5. 7 Mages

7 Mages is a turn based single player RPG game which has the best story line we have come across.   With some really good graphics, this game may be lacking in some action, but when it comes to strategy and puzzles we haven’t found a mobile game that as good as this one. The game remind us a lot of The Legend of Grimrock, which we love to play on PC.


The game will take you around the magical island of Roven where you visit many very interesting places. There are 14 fantastic environments with more than 30 types of enemy, 60 combat, elemental and musical spells with original puzzles on each new level.

4. Basketball Stars

At first glance it looks like a super simple basketball game, and it is. The game can be played with one finger only, you can pick up and play it without learning anything. It’s that simple!
What so interesting about it that this is a multiplayer sport game so you can play against an actual person.


The graphics are stunning with realistic 3D graphics. It also has more than 300 customization items, 2 different online multiplayer game modes, and more than 40 unlockable basketballs. Each of the games you play involves wagering some in-game cash on your success. If you win you get the whole pot, if you lose you don’t get a thing.

We did not think that we  were going to like it as much as we do. But the capability to play against a real person on the other end makes it one of the best sport games for this month.

3. Disney Magic Kingdoms

The Disney Magic Kingdoms mobile game will bring the world of virtual Disney theme park to your mobile phone. The game was developed by a  popular video game developer Gameloft and just launched on the Google Play Store on March 17th 2016.



Disney Magic Kingdoms is a simulation game which will allow you to create your perfect Disney theme park. As a theme park manager, your job is to attract as many visitors as you can. If you are a Disney fan you will absolutely love this game!

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