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  • Show off Your Work with Adobe Portfolio

  • Adobe has introduced Adobe Portfolio where you can build a website to showcase your creative work fast and easy.  You can simply choose a layout for their layout collection and switch them at any time and customize it to match your style and needs. Other features including accessing Typekit’s library of fonts, creating projects on Portfolio or Behance and sync between the two, option to dis[...]
  • iPhone 6s Hidden Features

  • Your iPhone 6s has a lot of cool hidden features that you might not know they existed. Today we are going to discuss some of the features which should help you get a better experience using your phone. iPhone 6s Hidden Features:  #1. Zoom in while playing the video The new iPhone 6s has a cool video playback zoom. You can play the video and use your fingers to zooming around the video. Wi[...]
  • LG G4 sample photos in Harsh Light Condition

  • Took the LG G4 to Sunda Kelapa historical port couple of days ago and took some photos in harsh light condition. These are some photos shot with the camera with no editing. Very happy with the photos shot with this phone. This is a great smartphone for everyday photography. I would prefer to carry this smartphone for a trip over any point and shoot cam[...]
  • Career Illustration

  • Title: Blackboard with hand drawn Career illustration Copyright: Creativa Description: Hand drawn illustration showing career concept on a blackboard Model Release: None Download Size: Small: 480 x 320 px (Free Download) Large: 4096 x 6144 px (Buy from Shutterstock) Please read our Terms and Conditions before download any image hgh dosage dynaball supplement arom[...]