Caesium Image Compressor

Caesium image compressor is an open source image compressor which can reduce your images up to 90% without loss the image quality. It is suitable for you who have many images in your hard drive, it can save your space in your hard drive and it ease you to upload your image on your website or your blog because it can reduce your images without loss their quality. It has some different compression levels which can be used as your needs to reduce size your images. Using this image compressor is easy, just open the interface, add your image, choose the quality, then press “Compress” button and done.

It has main features such as, keep your original file format without loss any quality, no need additional software to compress your image, its process in batch mode, drag and drop functionality, select different compression levels of each image, support for custom suffix, you can compare between original image and compressed picture, using zoom function for view details, you can custom visualization options, it is multi language support. As your information, it is an application which can reduce your file size of an image using compression and keep the original dimension. It is not an image resizing tool.

Download Caesium Image Compressor

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