iPhone 6s Hidden Features

iphone-6s-hidden-featuresYour iPhone 6s has a lot of cool hidden features that you might not know they existed. Today we are going to discuss some of the features which should help you get a better experience using your phone.

iPhone 6s Hidden Features:

 #1. Zoom in while playing the video

The new iPhone 6s has a cool video playback zoom. You can play the video and use your fingers to zooming around the video. With this feature you can easily focus on a particular area in a video while playing.

#2. Selecting multiple photos and videos at once

This is really useful feature when you want to select many photos from an album. This is how you do it; once you have your Photos app open, get into the album you want to select photos and videos in. Then tap on the select button in the top-right corner. Tap and hold on a photo and start to slide it in any direction to continue selecting content without lifting your finger.

#3. Convert webpage to a PDF file and save it to your phone and iBooks for later offline reading

Open the website with the Safari browser on your iPhone 6s and  tap on Share icon at the bottom of your screen and you will get a list of options. Swipe towards left and select ‘Save PDF to iBooks’. That’s it. You can view the PDF file later online or even offline.

#4. Using the Low Power Mode to save your iPhone’s battery life

A user now can manually enable the ‘Low Power Mode’ at any point even when the battery is at 100 percent charge. Go to Settings, then choose the Battery parent menu where you will find a toggle switch for Low Power Mode.

#5. Hide photos from Camera Roll in iPhone 6s

In iPhone 6s, now user can hide photos from camera roll will without needing any third party app. Here’s how you do it; Go to Camera app, then choose photo. Tap on select icon at the top right corner of your screen and choose photos which you want hide. Now, tap on the bottom left share icon and choose hide photo.


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